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I have been allowed by the Universe to convey the BOOK OF LIFE. The Book of Life is a description / channeling of the contract entered into between the soul and the Universe for this life.

It includes the Purpose of life, Learning processes, Karma inventory, The emotions that must be lived through in life, The equalizations that take place between this life and other lives, The things that are incumbent on the generations and Description of some of the areas of life.

I contact the Archangel Metatron, who directs the Book of Life. Then I write it down, which I get to know within the individual areas. I confer along the way with the person who gets the Book of Life made. When the entire book is channeled down after 4-5 hours, it is rewritten, corrected and made into an e-book (PDF file), which is sent to the person who made the book.

You can use the Book of Life to understand which path to take in your life. You can also gain a deep understanding and acceptance of the experiences you have had in this life - why the things that have happened in your life have happened. It gives some good advice on what to work on in the future as well as what things to do or avoid to get a plus on the karma account. Depending on where you are in your life, it will also be able to show you some experiences / experiences that lie in your future.

Of course, you have lots of experiences in your life that are not in the Book of Life, but the experiences that are in your Book of Life will go like this. It will be things or experiences you can not get around.

I do not make the Book of Life for children, as it will be something the child himself must decide whether he should have knowledge of or not and that decision can only be made as an adult.

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Livets bog

Livets Bog er på alle måder en gave for livet. Den åbner døren til hjertets længsler, som med tak gengælder ønsket om at blive mødt, anerkendt og elsket. Jeg er dybt taknemmelig over at have modtaget Livets Bog, og jeg har meget respekt for det store arbejde, som Charlotte gennemgår i processen. Jeg ønsker for alle, der mærker Livets Bog kalde, at de siger JA! til at give sig selv denne smukke smukke gave