People hide the bad experiences, defeats or negative emotions in their backpack because the facade needs to look good.

The more that gets into the backpack the greater the imbalance that gets into the body

I do something about it because I help to look at causes, old thought and action patterns, and at the influence of generations. I help the individual to get rid of stress, negative emotions, etc. and change the negative thought and action patterns. In this way, the individual can see himself with more loving eyes and act more optimally in the future. I help people to see their own worth and get the best out of life.

What you get out of a treatment with me is an opportunity to empty the stressful backpack, see yourself with more loving eyes and find joy in life.

My background

I was born and raised in the countryside, where it was a natural thing to take care of each other. So there I have subconsciously learned to notice other people.

I have a degree in accounting and auditing, where 2 and 2 are 4. I have worked with it for 20 years. I ended up going down with stress and depression. Today I can see that it was about not living out the soft side of me and I did not use the abilities that I had to feel for and feel for other people.

I started by taking self-development courses at Charlotte, where I got my luggage cleaned up. It developed that I have taken all the educations that Charlotte has developed. It has given me the desire to use my full potential and the various abilities I have to help people get more in balance and get better.

So today I live full time by treating other people and making a difference. I know how difficult I myself have had it and therefore have an understanding of what balance means. What to do when it's not there. And what you can develop into with the right help and support along the way.

So with that as a basis, I treat others. Only when you can see your own value you can find the person you have the opportunity to be. I want to help others with that.


Hanne Enemark Petersen

You can contact me by email: or by mobile +45 40 74 72 67– I have phone hours weekdays 8.00 - 9.00, where you are welcome to call either for appointments or for questions about treatments etc.