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Would you like to learn how to fight disease? Both from a traditional and alternative point of view? You will learn the most basic things in being a therapist. You learn how to work alternatively against a wide range of diseases and gain an incredibly large amount of material and lots of knowledge within the alternative treatment.

You are very welcome to learn all that Charlotte Sol-Farah Madsen knows in this area. So that you can combine it with what is your own potential.

See the structure and content of the course below.

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The talk therapist course consists of a total of 7 modules, which is 12 course days of 7 hours. See the structure below.

The whole course includes:

• Teaching based on the individual

• Good course materials & active learning

• Delicious vegetarian food (primarily organic)

• Healing throughout the course

Practice makes perfect

In the course you will be taught the theory around the individual area and you will try out the different techniques. Just as a craftsman must practice to become a good craftsman, it is also the intention that you must subsequently practice the individual techniques. We can give you all this new knowledge, but it is the experience of the one that makes you a master.

You can of course both practice with those you know from the course or you can also find others from outside you can try out and practice on.


You decide which modules you would like to attend, but it is recommended to follow the course. Upon registration, a deposit of DKK 1,500 is paid. It costs DKK 1,500 per person. day incl. VAT and the rest of the amount is paid before the start of the course.

If you want to be sure that there is room on the team or you need to talk to me about whether you are ready or something else, please feel free to call me on +45 23 81 61 88 (Phone hours 8.00-9.00 on weekday mornings)

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