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About Charlotte

Many people feel bad either physically, mentally or both. Many do not know that they are able to feel much better than their starting point.

We do something about this as far as possible in Sol-Farah Helhedens Cirkel, where I treat in an effective, charitable and wise way.


About Hanne

People hide the bad experiences, defeats or negative emotions in their backpack because the facade has to look good. The more that comes in the backpack, the greater the imbalance in the body.

I do something about this because I help to look at causes, old thought and action patterns and the influence of the generations.

Treatment at Sol-Farah's

Get balance again

In society in general, there is a tendency to treat symptoms, both in terms of problems and diseases. Things are taken out of context and it is from there that one treats. This gives the problem that you never get to the heart of the matter.

In Sol-Farah The Circle of Wholeness, we do something about that problem, starting from the causes, as far as possible. When we can eliminate the causes of the problems and diseases, in many cases the body and mind can come into balance again. Sometimes the body or mind needs additional help to recover.

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