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Below you can see the individual courses and educations we offer.

It all starts with Self-development. You learn to use your spirituality to develop yourself with. Only after you have learned to look at yourself and develop, you can be ready to treat others.

You are responsible for your own life, but I would like to guide and support you. You must walk the path of your life yourself, but I want to walk beside you. It is a great honor to be allowed to join the side of other people in their development. It delights me every single time when I can see that the limiting patterns of others change and they grow as human beings.

Welcome to spirituality in a down to earth and straightforward way. Welcome to the self-development part, where tears drip and the joy of relief flows. Welcome to the opportunities you have to live up to your potential and change the world.

Courses we offer:

· Clairvoyant

· Healer

· Numevisionist

· Modern spiritual masseur

· New Spiritual Master

· Talk therapist

· Self-development follow-up

· Self-development course

Welcome to the Sol-Farah The Circle of Wholeness.

Kind regards Charlotte Sol-Farah