Sol-Farah The Circle of Wholeness ApS was founded by Charlotte Sol-Farah Madsen with the following vision:

Spread the knowledge of healing and holistic view.

Help people live out their full potential.

Help individuals to see their own value.

Helping people get happiness, health and balance.

The logo stands for that everything is connected and love is what binds it all together. We want the earth to be a wonderful place for all living creatures.


In society in general, there is a tendency to treat symptoms, both in terms of problems and diseases. Things are taken out of context and it is from that prospect it is treated. This gives the problem that you never get to the heart of the matter. It may be that the symptom treatment helps in the short run, but in the long run the problem will still be there. When we do not remove the root of the problems, they will re-emerge, perhaps somewhere else or in a different form, but they will reappear.

In the Sol-Farah The Circle of Wholeness, we do something about that problem, starting from the causes, as far as possible. When we can eliminate the causes of the problems and diseases, in many cases the body and mind can come into balance again. Sometimes the body or mind needs additional help to recover.

There are various options under Sol-Farah to help the body:

Healing products, without side effects, as they are made from organic coconut oil or water

Remote treatments in group form, where e.g. you are being relieved of trauma, pain relieved or energized daily

Individual treatments e.g. talk therapy or healing. This can be done both from our domicile or as a telephone treatment

Self-development courses and educations for alternative therapists as well as books, videos, etc.

What the individual gets out of it is an opportunity to get in balance, where as much as possible the cause is removed. Help for the body and mind, so that in the future there is also the opportunity to be in balance.

We work with all the universal healing energies. We believe that everyone can learn to use the energy present for the joy and benefit of oneself and everyone else. You do not have to have a special faith, as long as you are open to the fact that there is more between heaven and earth.

Call us or come to our spiritual evenings. Then we can talk about whether we can help you or not.

We work with many serious things in our company, but there must also be room for fun and laughter.

We are deeply serious in our treatments, but we also have an easy, down to earth and smiling approach to life. We usually make fun of ourselves and can get a lot of laugh out of it.

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