Clean up your life with Hanne - course over 6 times in 3 months.

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Clean up your life with Hanne - course over 6 times in 3 months.

Throughout the course, we look at your 9 areas of life, which are: love, close relationships, work, wealth, leisure, self-development, physical body, housing and emotions.

It's a collaboration where I use my clairvoyant abilities to see the issues and heal on what should not be with you anymore. We're talking about what life has to offer you. We may see on whether your thought and action patterns are appropriate or whether it is better they change, to be more positive.

You spend a lot of energy that you can not see/feel, on the agreements/contracts that have been made at the soul level, which are not to become anything, or which have been lived out - these are the ones I cancel. This means that I, for example, abolish the relationships you have with old partners, old jobs and former residents. You can still be affected by them, even if you do not feel it in your daily life.

So what you get out of it is self-development where we put you in focus.

You will get to know yourself in a new way. You get more energy available for what you spend your life on now. It can teach you to look more lovingly at yourself, you may want to experience more satisfaction and you will rest more in yourself.

It is 6 treatments of 1/2 hour

The treatment can be done either by coming to Falkevej 22 in Køge, Denmark or by telephone.

Call Hanne +45 40 74 72 67

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Call for questions, appointments or anything else:

Charlotte: +45 23 81 61 88 or Hanne: +45 40 74 72 67

Phone hours: weekdays 8.00 - 9.00


Customer Reviews

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Marie Gudmand

Dette forløb er genialt - Jeg fik 4 job tilbud efter at have fået ryddet ud i mit "lig-skab" .. Det var kærligt, sjov og superlærerrigt. Elsker det og alle burde nappe dette lynkursus.

Meget behageligt og udviklende forløb

For dig der stille og roligt og med hjælp fra Hanne, vil arbejde med dig selv og sætte fokus på de store livsområder, som man normalt bare lader sig flyde med i. I dette forløb stilles der spørgsmål til dig selv om de store livsområder, som får dig til at reflektere og tage dit eget liv mere seriøst. Hanne støtter op hele vejen igennem, og følger godt op på tingene, så du er i helt trygge hænder.