35 ml. Lysia's Spray with lotus flower in empty glass bottle with scent of Lotus flower

50 kr

Charlotte Sol-Farah Madsen channels with the help of the divine energy - Lysia - the energy of Christ and all the energies of the archangels as well as cleansing energies into sterile water. The result - Lysias Spray - is a fantastic blend of energies.

You can use Lysia's Spray both for yourself and your surroundings. If you feel a little depressed, are affected by negative energies or if you need help to let go of negative emotions, spray it over yourself and feel that you get lighter and get better in a very short time. Use Lysia's Spray e.g. when your work day is over, so you are cleansed of the energy you have "captured" at work before moving on to the rest of your day. If you need to clean your car, boat, cottage, hotel room or home, you can do it with Lysia's Spray. Spray into the room you want to clean and feel the energy become lighter.

Lysias Spray can also be used with good effect together with Ozelia Healing Oils, Naiya's Spray and Star Crystal Sprays.

Lysia's empty glass bottle is available both with and without fragrance. And with 500 ml Lysia's Spray to fill it.

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