Finger Coding


Would you like your best medicine to be at your fingertips? Could you imagine the moment you feel an imbalance in your body, are you able to do something about it right away? Would you like you to get more energy easily?

This and much more is possible with a finger coding.

I have helped many people with many different symptoms this way. Some use them daily, in some sort of routine, others choose to use finger coding when there is an urgent need for what they have been coded.

I have the ability to put certain fluctuations/frequency into your finger. I can tag the eight fingers that are not thumbs. Activate the coded finger by holding your finger with your thumbs.

Sometimes you may notice that the tingling of the fingertips or the finger is hot, sometimes the activation is not felt. But it works in any case. Sometimes the result comes immediately. Other times it takes significantly longer. It depends, for example, on a more serious illness, one who is inside and doing something about it, for example, is the filling of energy. Energy filling is felt quite quickly, while diseases are longer delivery time. It depends on the nature of the disease, whether it is enough to activate your fingers or other treatment.