There has been more energy in everyday life

“The presentation shortly is: That my colleague at Christmas got sick and afterwards” went down “with stress and depression. After a very busy January, I could see that there would be long absence from my colleague, I contacted Charlotte for help I’ve got a good job from previous contact. I’ve had good help with finger coding and conversations so it was a natural choice to get help here. Charlottes proposal was the choice of a health subscription, sending a lot of energy, healing etc every morning in a Month after the possibility of renewal. It was a good choice! After February 1, I have seen that there has been more energy in everyday life, not least to say in a stressful period where the tasks of both consultants should be resolved without that the customers could feel the difference. It can not be done, but I have had an unexpected surplus in the backpack to pull on. When there is also on the home front a big kitchen project to handle in the same period. They should have a jump in spring. I have extended the scheme for a month at a time through May, and have experienced sleeping well at night, more energy for today’s tasks, more enjoyment of the daily pullouts, an overview of upcoming tasks, so planning has been possible. If I had not had the health subscription I did not know if I had come through, but fortunately, I do not have to think about “